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Tauruna was founded in 2007 in Ulyanovsk, Russia by two young graduates of Ulyanovsk State Technical University with master’s degrees in IT and software design. Today, it is a rapidly growing software development and system integration company with extensive experience in various business and technological areas. For clients, Tauruna is a reliable, professional and committed partner. For employees, it is a company of like-minded colleagues and friends with a technical background.

Tauruna focuses on the creation of intelligent automation systems and optimization of business processes, design and development of software for Windows, mobile platforms (Windows, iOS) and microcontroller systems, as well as the creation of websites of all types.

Tauruna uses the following key principles for its day-to-day operation and strategic planning:

1. Focus on the clients’ problems

We fully understand that every development request is based on an actual business need. Nobody orders development services without a good reason. This is why we always focus on solving the clients’ business needs rather than simply developing an application meeting the formal requirements. If necessary, we explore the client’s business area/niche to better understand its specifics in relation to the solution being developed.

2. Loyal to established business principles

Quality of our work is our ultimate priority, but it does not mean that other ingredients of a successful project - turnover time and price - are overlooked. We do our best to provide realistic estimates and plan our work according to clients’ deadlines.

3. High-quality customer support

Handing a program over to the customer or deploying a solution of the customer’s server is never the end of our story. We provide full support to all our clients, regardless of the size of their project and the time passed since final delivery.

4. Always in touch with the client

We do our best to understand our clients right from the start. Efficient communication is vital for any business relationship and we pay a lot of attention to this aspect of our work from the very first email or IM message.

5. Keep secrets secret

When you entrust a project into our hands, you can rest assured that your confidential information will never be disclosed to any third parties. We value business ethics and privacy above everything else and are always ready to sign an NDA.

6. Live up to our promises

We are very serious about the promises we make and do our best to be realistic about costs and deadlines we voice to our customers.

7. Stay professional at all times

Whatever we do, we strive to do it as professionally as we can. All of our employees have university degrees in IT and our lead developers and managers hold MDs in software development. However, our education and self-education never stops – we participate in regional IT events, monitor local and global software development trends and use every chance to learn something new and use it in our own projects. We really love what we do and this affection translates into the quality of our services and our clients’ satisfaction.

8. Be ready to face challenges

We have everything it takes to face challenges with confidence: corresponding education, dozens of projects in our portfolio, a close-knit team of fellow developers and a desire to solve the hardest of IT puzzles. We work with the most technologically complex projects requiring a comprehensive approach to modeling, development and testing.

9. Have resources immediately available

Tauruna’s home city, Ulyanovsk, is often called the IT capital of the Volga region. Two major universities, Ulyanovsk State and Ulyanovsk State Technical, are the main sources or qualified young professionals for regional IT companies. We know how to find the right people to join our team and know what exactly we are looking for in a candidate – energy, curiosity, work experience, a portfolio and, of course, desire to work in our company and be a part of the Tauruna team.

10. Be progressive

We are a modern and energetic team. We are young and keen on what we are doing. And we will never stop looking into the future and moving forward.

Management team

alexanderAlexander Ushakov

President and Founder

Chief Technical Officer


Personal traits: optimist and perfectionist, likes meeting new people and making new connections

Hobby: notaphily and numismatics.

Education: a master’s degree (2007) from Ulyanovsk State Technical University (Department of Information Technologies)

Career: started programming as a student and worked at a number of local development companies after graduation. In the period of 2006-2008, Alexander worked as developer and system administrator at Volga-Partner, a major regional company.

In October 2007, Alexander and his colleague Michael Gunin founded Tauruna.

Professional profile: development, implementation and maintenance of intelligent systems (production automation, accounting systems, PC and microcontroller software).

Social mission:  since October 2010, Alexander and his colleagues have been reading lectures on software business management at ULSTU (fundraising, marketing, project management).


Photo-0001Michael Gunin


Chief Visionary Officer


Personal traits: likes traveling and exploring modern culture, a jazz enthusiast. Michael translated several American 20th century poetry classics into Russian.

Education: a master’s degree (2007) from Ulyanovsk State Technical University (Department of Information Technologies)

Career: started working for well-known international IT companies in 2005. In 2007-2009, Michael worked as a marketing expert and analyst at Qualiteam Software, a large local ecommerce software vendor. In 2009-2010, Michael was the head of Marketing Department at Simbirsk Technologies (CS-Cart).

Co-founded Tauruna in 2007. Since 2010, has been working for the company as a CVO.

Professional profile: marketing of software products and services, e-commerce, start-ups, web analytics & promotion, copywriting.

Social mission: since October 2010, Michael and his colleagues have been reading lectures on software business management at ULSTU (fundraising, marketing, project management).



The list of supported technologies and platforms includes С#, .NET Framework, C++, Object Pascal, Delphi, PHP, Python, Java, C, Assembler and the majority of popular DBMS.