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Below are some examples of the projects we completed for our clients. Please note that this is just fraction of our portfolio, since many of the projects were protected by NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreements) and could not be featured in this section. However, these examples will give you some idea about the types of projects we work with and our skills:

A solution for remote collection of data from residential electricity meters.

The software periodically collects data from GPRS-enabled electricity meters and substantially facilitates billing operations both for providers and consumers. Apart from fetching data using a wireless network, the software processes and filters it, eliminating duplicate and erroneous values. The program allows users to view detailed reports on power consumption in specific apartments or rooms and visualize (represent as graphs and charts) them with a few mouse clicks.

The purpose of the project was to curtail the provider’s expenses (by doing away with personal visits and manual tracking) and allow tenants and landlords to monitor energy consumption in real time in buildings where GRPS-enabled meters were installed in every apartment.

The project was completed using .NET Framework 1.1 (C#) and MS SQL.

Customization of the Trac project management and bug tracking system

The goal of the project was to deeply customize Trac, a popular open source project management and bug tracking solution written in Python. iTech.group hired Tauruna for customizing the system to its needs and making it more flexible and user-friendly. The changes mostly related to the ticket subsystem of TRAC, where every ticket is essentially a task assigned to one of the users.

The customized Trac edition enabled its users to set different ticket statuses, quickly calculate the elapsed time for each task, import data to an accounting/payroll system, generate and view detailed reports on various project aspects, set access permissions for specific tasks and information, view information on the parties involved in the same project and configure email notifications for more efficient communication within projects.

All of these custom features facilitated task tracking and made projects more manageable and transparent for all parties involved.

Microcontroller-based systems

Tauruna has extensive experience in creating, reverse-engineering and modifying microcontroller firmware for a wide range of equipment and machinery. The company has worked with such microcontrollers as Omron, PIC from MicroChip, ATMega from AVR and others. Some of our projects in this area include:

Replacement of the control system based on a K155 SLC in a printing machine with a modern Omron controller. The new controller enabled the client to automate a number of operations and work with the printing equipment using an external interface.

Development of a control system for LED bars, as well as additional programs for moving, flashing and fading lights on a restaurant staircase.

iPhone application development

Tauruna is proud to be an Apple-certified application developer. We have been working with Objective C since 2008 and have accumulated considerable first-hand experience with the platform that enables us to embark on projects of any size and complexity.

In particular, our company has completed several projects for XIMAD, a major developer of mobile applications for various operating systems.

Below are several sample projects demonstrating our expertise in iOS development:

A development platform for 2D iPhone games

One of Tauruna’s core competencies is the development of libraries for game applications, including those for Apple iOS. The company has also developed its own platform that drastically facilitates the development of 2D games for the iPhone. The product was created for XimXim, an American software development company.

The platform has the following key features:

  • Efficient use of the iPhone’s OpenGL ES graphic interface (Open Graphics Library for Embedded Systems)
  • Convenient tools for controlling graphic objects (sprites) and their properties, including opacity, distance (z-buffering), interaction of several sprites, sprite events, generation of animated sprites from PNG files and configuring their playback speed
  • Rich sound management functionality. Playback of mp3, wav, aiff, cif and caf files, creation of playlists, playback looping
  • Accelerometer support

WisdomQuotes 3001 for iPhone

Tauruna used a Flash-based prototype to create the application architecture from scratch. The iPhone version of this popular Palm application was admitted to the AppStore from the first attempt. The program is a collection of famous quotes by famous people (3001 quotes in total) that can be easily browsed, viewed, added to favorites and shared with friends. The main challenge in this project was to create a functional application with just a demo version at hand.

DomEconom client for iPhone

The project involved the development of a JME version of a client application for DomEconom, an online personal finances management service. The iPhone client connects to the DomEconom server and enables users to edit their account data from their phone. The client supports caching, templates and multi-level operation categories (ATM withdrawal, currency exchange, log of operations, etc). The application uses the DomEconom API, RC4 encryption and calculation of MD5 checksums.

Form/template filling and printing application

This software was initially created for a major non-commercial retirement fund that needed to facilitate the process of printing a large number of standard documents pre-filled with users’ data. It was later released as a separate tool that saved time and money for companies looking for flexibility in form printing. The program works with a wide range of standard fields (from last name and postal address to phone number and availability hours), supports form validation, generation of a PDF preview document, printer-specific calibration, print logging and offers a number of other handy functions.


Tauruna also developed several large products for a number of industries and areas of application:


Power management and monitoring system for a Russian energy company. Real-time monitoring of the entire network, power leak location and troubleshooting tools, advanced user management and accounting. The solution can be customized to the needs of a specific industry with a similar distribution and business model.

Student management system. This client-server solution facilitates and streamlines the processes of collecting, storing and retrieving student-related records (student cards) and documents, optimizes student management operations and allows the staff to work with current and prospective students in a more efficient manner. The software allows multiple users to work with the system at the same time, effectively minimizes excessive paper-based document exchange, supports flexible reporting in Adobe PDF and MS Excel formats and provides comprehensive information on classes and courses taken by students, their academic performance and other relevant details.

Payroll management system. The software was developed to simplify payroll management operations and legally optimize the company’s tax policies. Full support of combined employment in different branches/subsidiaries of the same company, work time tracking and flexible reports.

Test creation and management system. A powerful test creation suite based on an easy-to-use and intuitive visual editor. Supports non-linear tests and full logging of users’ actions, can be used for individual and group testing, completely hack-proof.