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Automation of companies

We analyze our clients' business processes, consider their needs carefully and suggest system solutions which make it possible to improve the company's business processes considerably.

Automated management systems (AMS) help companies to use the capabilities of new technologies with maximum benefits for the business.

Automated information systems (AIS) help to organize information streams in a company of any size, which in its turn leads to optimization of operations and achieving the company's strategic goals.

Windows OS application development

Do you need a fully functional application which works fast and has a user-friendly interface? Do you need a solution to provide operation of industrial devices? Tell us about the tasks the application must fulfill, share with us your ideas about its functionality and interface, and allow us to do the rest.

Mobile application development

Every owner of a mobile phone has probably wondered, "Can my phone...?" We say it can! Discover new capabilities of mobile devices, these amazing "human extensions". Turn to us for an original application development.

We are Apple certified iPhone application developers. Several iPhone applications have been created by us for XIMAD, a large American mobile application developer.

Programming and reverse engineering of microcontroller systems

We implement projects in the field of programming of microcontrollers and reverse engineering of microcontroller systems.

Microcontrollers provide interaction of microcircuit chips and peripheral devices as well as control original mechanisms. Do you want to turn on the light in your office by clapping your hands? Or have you designed a device, which only needs to be programmed? Turn to us; we know how to make any device "smart"!

Web development

We specialize in developing web interfaces for classic software, mobile devices and microcontroller systems as well as in customizing open-source solutions (Trac, Joomla, WordPress) to suit our clients needs.

Complex projects embracing several fields

Are some of your ideas so original that you have never even thought about implementing them? It's time to start thinking and to allow us to create what you could only dream about before. Our experience in solving complex problems in different fields and expertise in various modern technologies will help to make your most daring projects come to life.

Professional software testing and QA

Testing means making sure an application satisfies technical description and works in all possible situations.

As programmers' wisdom goes, "To be a good tester, you need to be a good developer". Only professional developers understand the underlying principles of tested applications and skillfully detect "bottlenecks" in new software.

Entrust software testing to a team of Tauruna's qualified specialists! Our testers know different programming languages and are experienced in software development.

Professional IT consulting

You do not have to be our client to be able to use our experience or our staff member to grow professionally. You can turn to us for a consultation on any question about developing automation systems and computer or mobile software, microcontroller programming, implementing business management systems and other questions in the IT field.

Other competencies

Have you not found a service your company needs in our list of services? Read the full list of our competencies. It's quite possible that we have all the necessary knowledge, qualifications and tools to solve your problem, regardless of its scale and complexity level.