Software development, customization and integration services

For a great many of companies, insufficient functionality of their internal software tools and inability to make a shift toward a better-integrated software environment become the main obstacles on the way to improved organizational efficiency and streamlined processes. As a rule, employees spend too much time on manually fulfilling routine tasks, thus increasing the chance of making a critical mistake and complicating task management and accounting.

These problems can be avoided by integrating properly designed custom solutions that address the specific business needs of a company and optimize typical operations, saving time and money on the global scale. Such efforts may require substantial time- and moneywise investments, but all the hard work usually pays off with better operation of the company, decreased overheads and improved efficiency.

If your company is planning to integrate a brand new software solution or customize an existing one and is looking for a reliable and resourceful vendor that will be there on all product development stages, from inception to deployment, Tauruna will be glad to be of assistance. We are fully capable of creating high quality turnkey products that will solve your business problems and make the work of your own employees more efficient.

Tauruna’s expertise primarily lies in the following areas:

  • Development of intelligent systems
  • We have a proven track record of creating custom automated control systems, data management solutions, microcontroller firmware for CNC equipment, embedded and mobile software of various types, websites and desktop applications. We also provide professional QA and IT consulting services for a range of industries. The majority of our clients contact us for developing complex enterprise-level solutions, process management and optimization tools and applications solving specific technical or organizational problems their companies face on a daily basis.

  • Optimization and streamlining of business processes
  • Prior to starting the work on a client’s project, we analyze their business and conduct thorough research of the specific problems our solution is intended to solve. Depending on the result of this analysis, we offer a customization of an existing third-party application or the development of a custom solution from scratch that will be tailored for the specific needs of the client’s business. Our primary goal is to help clients efficiently expand their production bottlenecks using our software solutions.

  • Maintenance and ongoing improvement of automated business processes
  • After a project has been completed or a product has been deployed on the client’s platform, our relationship does not end. Tauruna is always there for the client and provides a broad range of support and maintenance services: from initial training and on-site education of the client’s employees to regular communications and additional ad hoc customization and configuration of the system.

The Tauruna team has completed dozens of large-scale projects for major clients representing a number of industries. Our extensive experience with various platforms and projects of all sizes ensures consistently high quality of our work and customer satisfaction on all stages of the project. We will be happy to help you make your ideas a reality by focusing on your problems and helping you do away with them in the most efficient way!

If you are interested in our services, please do not hesitate to contact our sales department for additional information and pricing.