Creating powerful software solutions

Need a project done? We create and deliver solid, ready-to-go solutions for our clients. Just get in touch with us and leave behind any technical obstacles for your business.


About Us

Our work is deeply focused on high quality and successful project development. We not only work from scratch, but can also refine existing solutions or even get the problematic ones up and running.

Long-time experience

Working since 2007

New technologies

Aware of the latest trends

Solid team

Experienced engineers solving challenges

Expertise & analytics

Skilled at diving into new spheres

Ready for complex projects

We take on what others can’t

Easily adaptable

Ready to integrate into existing processes and teams

Our Team

We assemble effective small teams (5-10 developers) carrying out technical and organizational management on our side. Our company helps clients at all stages of implementation.

Process-based approach

We adapt and build processes on the customer’s side

Hard&soft skills

Strong both technically and in interaction with people

Management and expertise

Full participation in projects (not just outstaffing)

“Rescue service”

Revival of abandoned and stuck projects

Knowledge mining

Interviewing knowledge carriers and identifying needs

Specification-based development

We work with or without technical specs (or write them ourselves)


We deliver complex, full-cycle projects as ready-to-go solutions

Business apps

Document and workflow management, accounting systems

Client-server systems

Frontend/backend, mobile clients, dashboards and control panels

Mobile apps

Video streaming, social networks, messengers, banking solutions


Energy sector, retail, education, government


Web portals, online media, web services, ecommerce, highload


Control panels, image and video solutions, cloud TV

Contact us:


    Tauruna LLC

    8, Pozharny per.
    Ulyanovsk, Russia, 432017

    Phone: +7 (917) 623-33-71